Nobody’s Hiring? Think Again

Far too often we see candidates putting off a job search until after the winter holidays or the summer but, more often than not, there’s not a single time during the calendar year that “nobody’s hiring.” While it is true that December and July are, statistically, the slowest months for hiring, keep these important points in mind:

• There may be less competition for jobs in “slow months” because of the perception that nothing gets done during that time.

• January begins a new budget year for many companies so an interview process that begins in December has a great chance of resulting in a January hire.

• Alternately, companies that need to get a hire in under the ending year’s budget will move faster in November and December to get a December start date.

• Not every company has a January – December fiscal year.

• Big deals closing, new product lines being developed or launched, office moves or new location openings, receiving a round of additional funding, and many other factors all can create open jobs and could happen at any point during the year.

• Not every industry has the same “hot season.”

• The length of the hiring process varies widely from employer to employer so get started now – it could take longer to get through all the interviews and
approvals than you anticipate.

• Don’t put off a job search if you’re out of work. Whether we like it or not, the longer a person is out of work, the harder it becomes to get a new job, so get your resume in order and out the door as soon as you can.

• And finally – warning, clichés ahead – there’s no time like the present! If you’re thinking you should float your resume or take a look to see what’s out there, just do it. After all, he/she who hesitates is lost.